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The New Variable Refrigerant, TVR™air conditioning concept is a modular HVAC system designed to provide the ideal climate in offices, retail establishments, Hotels, luxury apartments, and villas. Furthermore, it is equally suited to new construction and retrofit projects. In the global arena, TVR™ Systems have gained significant popularity with air conditioning professionals and discerning end users who recognize its considerable benefits.

TVR™ can be installed as the main HVAC system in a facility or as a

Supplemental one that coordinates with an existing HVAC installation to meet different application requirements.

TVR™ (Trane Variable Refrigerant) technology systems combine one or more centralized DC Inverter, air-cooled compressors and condensers connected to many indoor (fan coil) units  throughout the building.

A single TVR™ system fully integrates all functions necessary for filtration, cooling/heating, and ventilation. The indoor climate quality can be improved when pretreated outside air is connected either directly to the indoor units or introduced as a separate system. TheTVR™ system offers advantages throughout the lifecycle of the project; from design, installation, commissioning, operation and mainte - nance. The Independent Zone Control delivers energy savings for the end user by ensuring that the indoor units for unoccupied rooms remain off.

Energy Efficient:

The TVR™ system’s automatic power consumption adjustment matches the cooling load perfectly to the changing needs of all the individual zones, thus realizing energy savings. The capacity is controlled intelligently and distributed evenly over the different zones without wasting energy.

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